Versecism #41 — Planet ‘JRx’

Hello my friends. I would like to present you another work in Versecism style. Planet ‘JRx’, which inhabited with peaceful creatures.

I’ll tell you a secret, every time I draw, I understand how happy I am that I started doing what I love. Anyone who does not know my story yet, you can read in my profile.

During the time that I draw in this style, there have already been those who express indignation and discontent. It made me laugh that those who criticize probably never even tried to do something that makes their hearts burn and their hands tremble. But without critics, it would not be so interesting to work. ))

Well, my dear subscribers and friends, what I do brings me great pleasure and motivation, but unfortunately led to the loss of work. But losing a job is nothing compared to how much energy you get when you do what you love. I highly recommend you to try it. At least try, you don’t have to quit your job. Do NOT repeat after me, do not quit your job, just try to do what you have long wanted to do. It’s amazing feeling.

In general, friends, this is my first appeal to you with gratitude that you give me faith in what I do. Thank you for support. On Versecism I have a lot of ideas, a blog, books with illustrations and stories, clothes, exhibitions, competition entries, and much more.

Therefore, subscribe my friends, and be in the center of attention of the new direction of Versecism.

If you want to support my art, you can be my patron or buy me a coffee.

You can also buy goods like t-shirts, mugs, stickers with my works here.

This is just the beginning of my long story. So, I ran to feed my little daughter and wish you a good day. I hope for your support, it is greatly appreciated! ✌️




Artist and a young father of a beautiful daughter Amelia. You can support me: Patreon:

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Enzo Bentayga

Enzo Bentayga

Artist and a young father of a beautiful daughter Amelia. You can support me: Patreon:

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